If you’ve decided to give marketing a shot, you’re in for a bit of a wild ride. It’s not what you think is. Or maybe you do know what it is. Doesn’t really matter one way or another, because the key here, is that most people don’t understand what marketing is. There is a difference between marketing and advertising, whether you believe it or not. Advertising is a component of marketing, but it’s not everything.

If you want to market for a company, you need to make sure that you focus on the key elements of marketing. There are couple conditions that have to be met in order for marketing to be possible. The most important one revolves around the definition of marketing. Marketing involves two crucial components, one being a company philosophy or idea, and the second being a way to get that idea out to the general public. Notice I said general public, not just customers. That image is so important when it comes to marketing, because anyone in the general public can tell anyone about your product. If your product is good, you want more and more people find out about it. That sort of word-of-mouth advertising is very important. But it’s not everything.

There also has to be the possibility of an exchange occurring. You need to have something that people want, and they need to have something that you want. It’s pretty obvious that the customers have money, and that’s what you want as a business. Maybe you just want customer satisfaction, and that’s great if you do, but for most people starting a business, money is the key focus. As long as those conditions are there, as well as the possibility of an exchange occurring, you can have successful marketing.

It doesn’t matter how you want to do marketing, it just matters that you involve more than just your marketing department. You need people from all parts of your company to contribute to your marketing meetings and ideas. You need information to flow freely between these departments, and then straight into the marketing division. This is so critical, because you want to actually convey what your company is truly about. If it’s just the marketing division trying to come up with everything, they might miss something that might be good or bad. It it means a detail that prevents you from a bunch of shame, they did their jobs well. But it’s better to contain that information in one place, cataloged and fully understood. You don’t want vagueness in a large company, so keep things under control.

This is just the beginning of marketing. I will provide you with some tips and ideas and things that work for me. I’ll provide you with some strategies and other ideas that you can use in your own marketing. This is not about how to get rich quick, but how you’re going to build a solid relationship with your customer base.Image