Do you ever wonder why marketing works? I’m not here to go into great detail about that procedure today. However, I am going to talk about exchanges. Sometimes it’s not about your success, but more so about facilitating the success. Marketing may or may not happen if everything is right, but it definitely will not happen if things are wrong. If you don’t focus on the exchange and ensure that all of its parts are whole, you’ll never be a successful marketer, no matter how great you think your product or service is.
You might be wondering if I’m talking about the free market when talking about exchanges. Yes, goods and services and money exchange hands in the free market. It’s assumed that the resources are going to the places where they are best allocated. However, there are some components of the free market that relate to marketing. Whether you think this economic structure is the best or not, some of its parts are totally necessary for successful marketing. Most things involve social interactions, so let’s focus on that a little bit more.
First of all, because this is a social business, there needs to be multiple people involved. You need to have two parties, and each party needs to have something that the other wants. Obviously if you want a good exchange to take place, it  had better be something great; but if you don’t have any money, and the business doesn’t have a product, no exchange will take place, other than perhaps some awkward conversation. I covered two things in this brief paragraph, the two parties, and the item that the other person wants. This seems basic, but when you find yourself stuck in a rut, unable to sell anything, look back at advice like mine.
The next thing you should focus on is communication. Yes, communication has changed so much in the last few decades, and that’s totally relevant for a business marketing its services. However, I’m going back to basics on some of this, so I am to talk about how it’s totally important that your customers can actually communicate with you. If you can’t communicate your company idea or brand to the customer, and the customer can’t communicate the questions, you might never have a transaction. It’s easy to see why communication is so important, given these circumstances.
Finally, free will is very important. If you don’t have the choice in making a decision, you’re less likely to buy the product. If you’re forced to buy, you’re likely to have buyer’s remorse or return the product. If your seller and you force people to buy your products, you’re not likely to have any customers. And given all of these components, it might make your company or you as a customer undesirable to work with. This is also going to prevent a sale. An undesirable company might have workers that have been abused in a Chinese factory, or it might just have a very rude salesperson. Either way, these things are hindering successful sales.
So it’s easy to see how these things all fit together. You may think that if all these conditions are met, you have more sales and you can deal with. This is simply not true. But if you are missing any of these parts, and exchange will not take place and you will be unsuccessful. So until I write some more, check out this video on marketing.