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I’m going to do a specific discussion about some components within Internet marketing. First, as copyright goes, things are very different on the Internet. Search engines have algorithms and tools for finding identical content easily. If content is stolen, it can be reported back to the original owner, and the thief might face a lawsuit. Even Google images can be easily traced back to the sources if you just copy and paste it on a blog. Even if the name is changed, the original image has a code that Google recognizes. It’s insane to think that this is how things are being done, but it’s it’s in a way that makes sense to protect the original copyright owners.

Because media has changed so much, the Internet has become an incredible way to market and advertise an idea. But this also means that a degree of caution must be in place to ensure that a work either has clearance from the owner, or is not stolen whatsoever. If you want to re-summarize an article posted on your blog, you’re welcome to. But if you steal an article word for word and don’t attribute it back to the original source, you are stealing content and Google is likely to devalue that content. That leads me to another idea: the idea of syndication.

If you write an article and post it online, people might post it on their blogs as well. Is this a problem? If they don’t credit you as the source of the article, it is. But if they do credit you, this is just another place for your articles getting publicity. It should be said that syndication is a desirable outcome for your work. So somebody asked a repost your article, as long as they’re giving you credit for it, it’s best to do this. This also provides you with valuable links back to your blog or site, which will help to boost it in the search engine results.

When you’re advertising on your site, whether you’re selling a product for a company, yourself, or anything else, you need to make sure your content is unique and interesting. You don’t have to be the world’s greatest writer, but if you put in a lot of effort to make your content at least readable, customers are more likely to stick around and check it out. If you make a bunch of spammy, awfully put together garbage, no one is gonna want to stick around on your website and read your documents. This should be fairly obvious to those involved in the world of marketing. Anytime you go to a site and find a bunch of spammy comments and garbage content, you’re less likely to stick around and try to find a nugget of worthwhile content amongst it. It’s usually quickly assumed that these sites are just hosting spam, so most people aren’t interested in them anyway.

I hope that this gives you some input into the way that you should be approaching your content. You shouldn’t steal from somewhere else, unless you want to pass on a proper link to that site. In fact, that would be okay, except that you’re sending traffic away from your site somewhere else. So I think it’s better off for your own site, if you actually want traffic, to assemble your own content. Spend some time on it and make sure it looks pretty good. If you do this, you’ll ensure that the search engines like your website, along with your viewers.